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Are you ready to finally have a Successful Shopify Store?

I help online entepreneurs create profitable Shopify stores in days without knowing ANY code.

About Me

I'm Catherine, Shopify Partner & Designer

I am passionate about helping online entrepreneurs create financial freedom through profitable Shopify stores. Help me on my journey to assisting 1,000 entrepreneurs becoming financially free in 2024!

What are your goals? Let's talk about it

Are you at a crossroads where you want to create a Shopify store, but you don't know the first thing about actually making one that is successful?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and turned off by all the Shopify tech?

  • Do you feel like you don't have any idea of what product to sell?

  • Are you facing fears of instant failure or uncertainty on your ability to create a successful store?

  • Do you feel that you need years of experience (that you don't have!) to create a Shopify store?

  • Are you unsure your product can compete with the larger, more well-known brands?

  • Have you always wanted to sell online but just don't know how or where to start?

  • Are you interested in creating your own store, but just need some guidance and a little 'push' to get going?

  • Are you wanting to build your store on your time, but still have accountability and help when you need it?

  • Are you too busy to even think about starting something else?

  • Do you need help (or maybe a friendly kick in the pants) to actually do this?


How I can supercharge your Shopify success

I Have Been There. I Understand The Fears And Frustrations That Can Arise.

In the world of Shopify, where numerous paths lead to success, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I'm here to break down those barriers, offering clear and pragmatic guidance. As a seasoned Shopify expert, I can help you focus on your specific goals, providing the nudge you need to head in the right direction. Success in the realm of online business comes in various shapes and sizes, and I'm committed to helping you define and achieve yours. Let's move forward confidently, with your Shopify store thriving and your entrepreneurial spirit reinvigorated.

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Boss Lady Live Series - Catherine Charlton

I believe in you

Are you ready to unveil your potential and finally create a highly profitable Shopify store?

I specialize in providing effective tools to navigate the challenges, master the dynamics of online business, and achieve remarkable results. My visionary clarity, honest and encouraging communication, and expertise in catalyzing steps toward a thriving Shopify store make me an invaluable asset. Let's embark on the journey to maximize your e-commerce success and transform the way you do business.


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Rave Reviews

What My Clients Are Saying

"Working with Catherine was a complete joy.

I would highly recommend working with Catherine and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to start a Shopify store. She truly has a mind for helping people and helping your business grow."


"Catherine is AMAZING! She does so much work and I can't tell you how much easier this makes my life... Every time I look at it, it just makes me happy how professional everything looks on the site."


"Catherine has helped build out a Shopify website for one of my clients, and I highly recommend her for great work and an affordable price for newer business owners."


"Catherine is absolutely amazing! 10/10. I appreciate her and everything she has done!!! I can't imagine going through this process with anyone else! I'm so happy! Thank you so much!"


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Your one-stop-shop for all things Shopify and ecommerce.

Embarking on the Shopify journey with me is like crafting a digital masterpiece where fun meets profitability. Let's turn pixels into profit and transform dreams into a flourishing Shopify reality!

Catherine Charlton


Ready To Kickstart Your Success?

Whether you're diving into my course or opting for personalized 1:1 guidance, your journey begins now. Picture a path tailored to your goals, filled with insights and unwavering support. Let's turn your ambitions into achievements and make things happen.

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